Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein came to us from Chicago. As if that alone weren’t enough, it’s been said that his playing “doesn’t suck.” His B.S. in general science came from the University of Iowa, as did his J.D. He spent several years as a neurosurgery research assistant, so don’t try to tell him it isn’t brain surgery – he knows the difference (try the rocket science thing). Dan still serves the same patients today, but in a somewhat different way – as an attorney specializing in medical malpractice, personal injury and workers’ compensation. Usually, he’s not one to quibble, but he has argued before the Iowa Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Iowa (and sometimes before rehearsal).

Dan has been an active musician most of his life, working with the legendary band Source in the 70s, Whambo Jamboree and Blue Money in the 80s and several projects with John Lake over the years, culminating with his recent auspicious association with the Beaker Brothers.